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Passport for new born baby - requirements & details

Processing time : Minimum 5 working days


  1. If any one parent is not an Indian National he/she has to give a declaration stating that they do not have any objection in applying an Indian Passport for the child and they have not applied for the child with any other Nationality as well.
  2. Duly filled and signed or with child thumbprint for a child below 15 years application form.
  3. 1 recent white background photographs (size 35 mm * 45 mm).
  4. Original and Photocopy of birth certificate.
  5. Original and Photocopy of parents passports and Marriage Certificate.
  6. Original and Photocopy (IC/WP/SPASS) of parents.
  7. Online Passport Application Form

Fee schedule

Fee schedule
Minor Passport (36 pages) for child below 15 yrs of age 65+10.80

SGD 10.80 is BLS service charge