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Emergency Visa

Requirements for a Emergency visa

  1. Online Filled Application Form with proper Visa Category on the below website
  2. Non-Singaporeans to fill two sets of Telex Form
  3. One photograph taken less than 3 months in white background
  4. Passport Copy
  5. IC Copy
  6. Birth Certificate Copy for Minors
  7. All other relevant documents required based on visa category

Submission Timing – 9 AM to 11 AM (Monday to Friday Only)

Please note there will not be extended time

Applicants are requested to be at the application center by 10.45 AM

Processing Time:

  1. Singaporeans - Processing Time is one working day (Visa is subject to approval only)
  2. Non-Singaporeans – Processing Time is subject to approval of Visa only.

Things to be Noted:

  1. Emergency Visa is totally subject to approval only
  2. If tickets are already booked confirmed ticket copy is required
  3. If tickets are not purchased a declaration letter by the applicant stating the need for emergency visa application need to be produced
  4. Death cases & Medical Cases applicant are requested to produce copy of letters from hospital

Fee schedule for Emergency Visa

For Emergency Visa there will be additional fee of SGD 100 in addition to the regular visa fees. The Emergency Fee will vary for few nationalities. Please write to us for more information on

If your Nationality related Fee Details are not mentioned in above list you may please write to us on



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