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Entry visa - requirements & details

Requirements for entry visa

  • Passport with minimum validity of six month and 2 blank pages.
  • Application forms duly filled and signed (date & places of travel with flight details).
  • Copy of Singapore NRIC in case of foreign nationals.

NIGERIA Nationals : (w.e.f. April 15, 2015)

Business / Student / Medical / Entry / Tourist / Employment / Conference / Other Visas Any duration 441+20

Fee schedule for ENTRY visa
Nationality Duration Fee (Singapore $)
Singapore Six months single / multiple 145+3.05+3*+10*
One year multiple 215+3.05+3*+10*
More than one year 355+3.05+3*+10*
Sri lanka 6 month, (Single Entry) 10+20+3.05+3*+10*
6 month, (Multiple Entry) 15+20+3.05+3*+10*
Ukraine Less than 6 months 152+20+3.05+3*+10*
Less than One year 231+20+3.05+3*+10*
Less than 5 year 353+20+3.05+3*+10*
Emergency Fee 150+20+3.05+3*+10*
All Other Nationals Please contact us for details --

Fee schedule for ENTRY visa
Nationality Entry Type Fee (Singapore $)


Single Entry 75+20+3.05+3*+10*
Double Entry 165+20+3.05+3*+10*
Multiple Entry 215+20+3.05+3*+10*
Transfer of Valid Visa 75+20+3.05+3*+10*

SGD 3.05 is BLS service charge
* SGD 10 is optional for Courier delivery charges
* SGD 3 is optional for SMS service to know the status of your application
* Additional Charge of SGD 20 to be charged towards all nationalities other than Singapore as a telex charge.

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Applications for an Indian visa can be submitted online, or by visiting our application center.


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